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Question 1 of 5

I would describe myself as:

A. a good listener who is supportive

B. a strategic thinker with big ideas

C. a patient teacher and problem solver

D. a good speaker with an interest in political issues

E. persuasive and diplomatic

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Question 2 of 5

I hope to make an impact by:

A. helping individuals and families overcome setbacks and challenges

B. developing programs and policies that improve lives

C. improving the way social work is practiced and implemented

D. influencing government to ensure social justice for all

E. inspiring the community to represent and defend others

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Question 3 of 5

I would like to work in:

A. an individual or group counseling setting

B. the administrative offices of a program or agency

C. a classroom or research setting

D. local, state or national government

E. the community

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Question 4 of 5

I would like to work with:

A. individuals and families in need of assistance

B. agency or program leaders and decision-makers

C. students, educators and researchers

D. politicians and community leaders

E. grassroots organizations and community leaders

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Question 5 of 5

I want to spend my day:

A. working directly with clients

B. strategizing and implementing programs and policies

C. conducting research and/or teaching others

D. lobbying individuals, agencies and organizations for legislative action

E. championing the rights of individuals and communities

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